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Roman Blinds

The Roman Blinds are one of the best ways to bring a classic look and a versatile window treatment. If you’re looking to add warmth and style, then roman blinds could be your answer. Adding a touch of class to any room, roman blinds rise gently into a soft folded pelmet that frames the window beautifully. When raise up the fabric, they offer a clear view of the outside and when it’slowered, you can benefit from complete privacy.

Highly flexible, they can be adjusted to a variety of levels depending on the amount of light and privacy you require. Our roman blinds can be made of total blackout, light filtering or sheer fabrics that give you lighting and privacy options. 

For Roman Blinds we offer a wide range of different fabrics, sourced from proven European manufacturers.

The benefits:

  • They are extremely versatile and can make an elegant addition to any space, whether it’s a bathroom, bedroom or dining area.

  • Can be made of total blackout, light filtering or sheer fabrics to give you options depending on your wishes.

  • Ideal choice if you combine with blackout curtain in the same room because you can make them a perfect match. Both of them can be made of the same fabric which you prefer for the space.


If you do need to spot clean, then remove any marks as soon as possible with a clean cloth and mild detergent in warm water. Avoid using harsh scouring pads and chemicals on the fabric and dab gently at the dirt rather than rubbing. This will avoid distorting any pattern or color on the blind. Also, allow the fabric to dry itself rather than applying too much heat from a hairdryer or iron as this could shrink the affected area. 

The fabrics (both the sheer fabric and the curtain as well) are washable. Use machine washing on gentle cycle and on a program not more than 30 degrees. Remove the fabric immediately after the washing spin cycle, and reinstall while it’s slightly damp. Never put the fabric in the dryer. The fabrics can be steamed.

Regular care with light vacuum brush on a low setting is recommended as battens on romans can collect dust.

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