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Whether you are looking for Blinds or Curtains our selection is suitable for every home style. Our made to measure Curtains provide you wide choice of fabrics from leading European manufacturers. Even if you are already stopped on other window treatment such as Roman, Venetian, Vertical or Roller blinds or you think to finish the home with Sheer Blinds and Zebra Blinds, we’ve got you covered. The wide choice is the best we have nowadays, even if we talk about made to measure blinds and curtains. That’s why we decided to provide a vast range of colors, materials and of course, different options for installation, depending on the individual characteristics of the windows or the doors in your home.


You have completely freedom to customize the curtains and the blinds, we are coming to give you the expert help - from taking of the exact measure through the fabrics' specifications to the installation.

Vertical Sheer Blinds

The softness and style of a curtain with the versatility of a blind!
Enjoy complete control of light and privacy. Feel free to walk through your Sheer Blind anywhere, whether it's opened or closed, and don't worry about getting tangled in cords or chains.

Sheers & Curtains

For a high-end look, elegance and style – the Sheers and the Curtains are impossible to beat. We'll bring a variety of fabrics and colors to suit your home interior. For greater versatility, you can team sheer curtains up with blackout curtains. But what are the advantages of both - sheers and curtains?

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds provide simple and clear design, affordable solution and practical option in any environment (from offices and shops to homes). Wide choice of colors, textures and fabrics are available to suits any interior.

Zebra Blinds

Enjoy a home with a view or complete privacy with a simple movement of Zebra Blinds' dual-layered fabric. It's an easy transition between light and dark. Zebra blinds offer a sleek and modern appearance while providing versatility in light control and great privacy options.

Roman Blinds

For a classic look and a stylish end the Roman Blind is always a good idea. A wide range of fabrics and colors to choose from, you can have the perfect custom Roman Blinds to suit your home. Whether you need blackout, light filtering or sheer fabric, we provide all options to customize as you wish.

Wooden Blinds

Made of polywood which is alternative of the real wood, this kind of blinds are more resistant to aging, they preserves their form and they are not affected by water and sun for years. Easy to maintenance and available in more than 35 colors.

Roller Blinds

Semi blackout, total blackout or screen fabrics, different colors and textures - you have a wide choice to customize your Roller Blinds. You can always make a combination as well and add other window treatment or why not to make a double Roller blind with different fabrics.

Combined Window Treatments

The stylish look of Sheers and Curtains is most popular. But what if you pair curtains and blinds together? The combination of curtains and blinds sounds strange but it can help to frame and enhance your view, whilst give you all the internal benefits too. You can combine blinds with other blinds too.

Venetian Blinds

The Venetian Blinds provide durability and versatility. They reflect up to 95% of the sun's rays and that’s how they protect the home from the sun. Available in a range of colors and even effects - from matte finish through metallic to pearlescent hues.

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