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Zebra Blinds

Known also as Day & Night blinds the Zebra Blinds became one of the biggest friends of the homes’ windows, even doors in the last years. 

In fact the Zebras are a type of roller blinds but designed in a new way. They are made of alternating sheer stripes and thick opaque stripes. That allows you to control the light levels without any need to roll the whole fabric up. Only with the help of a chain you can easily adjust the position of the alternating stripes to have the blackout option or to let in some light.

To respond every individual room’s design we created the Zebra Blinds’ wide collection of colors and fabrics, including semi blackout and total blackout options. But choosing between the samples is not the only step – when we do our free consultations we can see the specific characteristics of the place to give you advice which is the best way the blinds to be fitted - with or without cover of the top, installed on the ceiling, inside or outside the frames of the windows/the doors.

The benefits:

  • Easy transition between light & dark because it’s made of two layers of fabrics.

  • Fully control of the levels of light, you can line up the sheer and opaque strips whenever you want to let in as much light as you need.

  • Perfect for modern homes, offices, or restaurants, thanks to their simple, clear design with bold lines.

  • These blinds reduce glare even while letting light in.

  • Available in a wide range of colors and fabrics with semi blackout and total blackout option.

  • Can be made manual or motorized.


Zebra Blind can be wiped down with a damp cloth or vacuumed with the small brush of the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and debris. For dirty stains use a towel and water to clean carefully. The cleaning must be done with care so that you don’t rip the fabric. 

Zebra Blinds are not machine washable. In case if you decide to clean a stain with water don’t use strong detergents. Please note do not rub, this can damage the fabric.

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