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Roller Blinds

Created with simple and minimalistic design the Roller Blinds are one of the best known blinds when it comes to combine with different styles. They suit every home whether it’s traditional, contemporary or other style. Often they can be included as a part of combined window treatments – for example with sheers, curtains or even some other type of blinds.

Our made to measures Roller Blinds are available in a wide range of high quality fabrics. The collection gives you completely freedom to choose the right blinds for your room, depending on the needs, the budget and even the style. In the range of Roller blinds’ samples you will see plain colors of the fabrics with matt or shiny finish and lots of textured materials, all providing semi blackout or total blackout option. 

We added the unique Screen fabrics as well. Because no other blind can provide the advantages of the Roller Screens (known as Sunscreen Roller Blinds). It’s a perfect solution when you want a view outside, while blocking out glare and protecting your furniture and floors from the harsh sun. If you require complete privacy, the Sunscreen Roller Blinds always can be combined with blackout Roller blinds to make a double roller combination or you can add Sheers and Curtains. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, these versatile blinds can help to regulate the temperature of your rooms.

The benefits:

  • Easy to operate with simple design which can be fitted into every home, office or shop.

  • Available in different colors and textures.

  • Options to choose between semi blackout, total blackout or screen fabrics.

  • Possibillity to combine two fabrics and make double Roller blind.

  • Good solution for different homes’ styles even offices, or restaurants, thanks to their simple, clear design.

  • With its' timeless design always can be combined with other window treatments as layering with sheers and curtains.

  • Can be made manual or motorized.


The Roller Blinds are not machine washable and you cannot clean them with strong detergents. If you realize dirty stain use a towel and some water to clean carefully. The cleaning must be done with care so that you don’t rip the fabric. Please note do not rub, this can damage some of the fabrics. You can use a microfiber towel (or the small brush of the vacuum cleaner) to remove the dust. A regular dusting with a dry cloth will help keep them in great shape.

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