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Combined Window Treatments

Of course the first combination which comes to everyone’s mind is the stylish look of Sheers and Heavy Curtains. Well it’s not a secret that the right curtains can change the look in amazing way. Or even the right choice of blinds. But what if you pair them together? Do curtains and blinds work together? The answer is, for the most part, ‘yes’ – when paired, the two can bring out a flexible decor effects and ensure adequate blocking of light and privacy control. For example you can Sheers and Roller blinds – one of the most popular combinations. Or you can add to them even heavy curtains. The last few years a combination between Zebra Blinds and curtains became also flexible decor accent and practical solution. 

Even Roman blinds can be spotted as a part of a team. Fullness is important in transforming the look and feel of the space and this is created when blinds are layered beneath curtains. You can even combine blinds with other blinds like the team of Sheer blind with Roller blind.

There are many ways to combine and make a remarkable window or door covering. When matching curtains and blinds together you underline more your individual style but before all you have more practical powers such as total blackout when you want, view outside if you need or privacy whenever you wish. And the last one from the biggest advantages of combining curtains and blinds is how they can change the perception for the apertures in the rooms and how they can become flexible decor accent with some different visions.

The combination of curtains and blinds sounds strange but it can really help to frame and enhance your view, whilst give you all the internal benefits too. Of course, there are details for each space and that’s why we do the free in-home visits. Be brave to combine and with an expert help you will have the perfect layered look.

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