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Vertical Sheer Blinds

Sheer Blinds are known as the modern alternative of the Vertical blinds. Created with the simple look of vertical stripes they come with a few more advantages. The main difference is the material: made of alternating vanes of sheer and opaque fabric, they look more elegant and give the illusion of a panel of curtains. The Sheer Blind or the clever curtain can suits to any home design because of a wide range of colors. You can even make colorful and fully customized combinations.

This is a solution which is the perfect blend of blind and curtain. Whilst you have the soft and versatile feeling of a curtain you have great advantages of a blind as well. The Sheer Blind is perfect for any home, often used to cover larger windows and the doors, especially those which you will use often to go out and enjoy the air and the view. Without weights and chains, it’s not even necessary to pull aside the whole fabric each time.

The benefits:

  • Soft, elegant and stylish look combined with blackout option.

  • Easy control of the light levels, you can quickly shift the angle of light.

  • No weights or chains on the fabric slats so they are silent and safe for both kids and pets.

  • It filters the light as a sheer when it's open and brings privacy and protection as a blind when it's closed.

  • Created without chains at the bottom of the fabric slats so you can pass through it easily whether it's opened or closed.

  • Ideal for standard doors, sliding doors and large windows.

  • Great for the large opening concepts, in that case the stylish look of the blind "shines" even better.

  • Available in more than 60 colors and you can completely customize your own colorful combination. You can use one or combine two even more colors to fit into your design.


The Sheer Blinds are a great product when you’re looking for something stylish, functional and easy to care for. In a nutshell, they tick all the boxes!

The fabric is washable, it allows even washing machine on gentle cycle in cold water or on a program not more than 30 degrees. All fabric folds can be taken down individually and washed and replaced in a matter of seconds. If an individual fabric fold is heavily soiled then it can be soaked in warm water and hung to dry. In case of cleaning with the washing machine remove immediately after the washing spin cycle and reinstall while it’s slightly damp. Never put the fabric in the dryer. The Sheer Blinds can be ironed with a steam and a towel or you can use a steamer when hang up the fabric. It will remove any creases and not damage the fabric.

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