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Vertical Blinds

Simple and clear design, affordable solution and practical in any environment  (from offices and shops to homes). These are some of the most popular benefits of the Vertical blinds.  

Traditionally, they have been used for commercial offices and businesses as an economical window covering. But the last years the choice of fabrics and colors became wider and the Vertical Blinds became increasingly popular for homes, especially those with large windows, bifold doors or sliding doors, as they look beautiful in large sizes and cover them practically, providing easy control of the light levels.  The fabric slats of a Vertical blind are easy to rotate so you can control the light levels whenever you want.

Our vertical blind's collections comes in a range of carefully curated colours from earthy neutrals, to vibrant hues, including some with shiny finishes tothose with moody tones. So whether you have a pared back scandi interior, clear simple design, brave colorful or modern style, you'll be able to find colours to match your interior scheme.

The benefits:

  • Practical option on a budget for offices, shops, homes and rental spaces.

  • Perfect option when it comes to large apertures, including sliding doors.

  • They are durable and with their simple, classic stripes style can look forever modern.

  • Wide choice of colors, textures and fabrics to suits any interior.

  • Easy adjustment of the light levels.


Vertical blinds are durable solution if you do a light clean regularly. Each fabric slate will need individual attention on both sides, supported from behind with your hand. Gently wipe with a soft microfibre cloth or vacuum on a low setting with a soft brush attachment. 

Tougher dirt can be removed with a mild detergent solution. But avoid tough rubbing and scouring sponges. The Vertical Blinds are not machine washable and you cannot clean them with strong detergents.

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