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Wooden Blinds

The Wooden Blinds are suitable for large apertures or standard windows and doors and can be a solution for any room, including the bathrooms and the kitchens because of their water and moisture resistance. 

The other features of our Wooden venetian blinds are perfect sun protection and even ideal thermal insulation. This kind of blinds are made of polywood – material which is alternative of the real wood. The blinds come in wood look but they are nature friendly regarding the main purpose of the manufacturer: to protect our trees and our future. In addition, the polywood material is more resistant to aging, it preserves its’ form and it is not affected by water and sun for years. It’s also easy for maintenance.

Wooden venetian blinds always can help to create feeling of sophistication and can look stunning as a centrepiece in a room. These blinds bring the feeling of warmth typical for the real wooden material but they are richer of color diversity than the natural wood. 

We provide more than 35 colors to choose from. The Wooden blinds are also available in two slat sizes: 2.5 cm and 5 cm.


  • Created from polywood which is great alternative of the real wood and it’s more durable.

  • Perfect sun protection and thermal insulation.

  • Water and moisture resistance.

  • This kind of blind preserves its’ form and it is not affected by water and sun for years.

  • Easier for maintenance rather than the real wood. 

  • It comes in a wide collection, more than 35 colors and two slate sizes: 2.5 cm and 5 cm.


The Wooden venetian blinds are moisture resistant and you can clean them with a damp cloth or water and towel if it’s necessary.

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